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We are glad to welcome you in our online store. It is a well-known fact that beautiful gifts are beloved by everybody so here you have a unique opportunity to find beautiful and healthy gifts. You’ll agree that there is nothing more pleasant and romantic than receiving elegant basket of fresh fruits on sunny Saturday morning. Details are always important and if you are going to make something important - like bringing happiness to your family and friends - than our fruit gifts will help you to make it right and with style.

Our company was created over 15 years ago and it is very important to us to save traditions of our business by building solid and continuous relationships with our clients. You’ll be surprised by our fair prices and unbelievable 24/7 support service. Our mission is satisfying most whimsical clients’ needs and we are really good at that.

We pack our gifts baskets with seasonal fruits including pears, apples, oranges and grapefruits. Get someone you care about a fresh fruit gift from our store and make their day better.

101 красная роза 80 см.....
101 красная роза 80 см..
28900 р.
28900 р.
35 красных роз Эксплорер 80 см. Эквадор.....
35 красных роз Эксплорер 80 см. Эквадор..
9900 р.
9900 р.
Красный букет из анемонов - 10, розы 10, тюльпа...
Красный букет из анемонов - 10, розы 10, тюльпаны - 10, скиния красная пучок, эвкалипт и писташь ..
7500 р.
7500 р.
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